LCTrainSmart training philosophy is based on four different concepts that can be followed by any athlete at any level and of any ability. Our philosophy is based on simplicity, consistency, individuality and recovery. These four fundamentals is enough material to get you started on the right track whether you want to ride across town, do your first century or marathon, or eventually win the Tour De France some day.

At LCTrainSmart we don't believe in over-complicated training programs that require you to buy expensive equipment to measure your progress. Why? Because the best progress is not the one you see on a computer screen but it is the one you feel that matters. Our training programs are simple to follow and simple to understand. So whether you have a heart rate monitor, a power meter, a million dollar athletic medical complex available to you, or just a simple watch, we can design a simple program that will provide you with results. Even our website follows the same philosophy of simplicity. It is easy to use in order to get you on the road as quickly as possible.

The second concept that we pride ourselves in understanding is individuality. Many times we see off-the-shelf training programs costing hundreds of dollars a month only to find out that it is way out of the athlete's league. A lot of times this causes the athlete to become discourage and even sometimes give up the sport in all. AT LCTrainSmart, we will develop your training program to fit you specifically.

Consistency & Discpline
Although we can customize a simple and individual training program for you. We can't do the work outs for you. We have seen and worked with many athletes that were not naturally gifted only for them to become the best in class. They have developed a discipline to follow their plans and see it through. A discpline that they carry into races that allows them to be in control of their stratefies and tactics so that they go at the the right moment and not necessarily attack from the beginning of the race. The best thing about our training programs is that because of our plan's simplicity you start seeing progress very quickly and that facilitates the development of that consistency of wanting to train.

Recovery and Preparation
Believe it or not, there is such a thing as overtraining. Training is not always about going out and hammering out a 50 mile ride at 360 watts. LCTrainSmart understands when it is time to take a nice leisurely ride, or just a 3 mile jog or blow up way before the finish line or win at the end. We understand that the body needs to recover, rebuild and heal. We understand how to prepare the body for that goal that you desire to reach.

Since 2007, Coach Leandro Contreras has been using these four concepts with his athletes. They have been proven and are still being proven to be extremely successful. You see for us it is simple, if they weren't successful, well then we wouldn't be using them.